The Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance helps CHFA members benefit from the Services we Provide which is to Establish the Globes most profitable Supply contracts For All parts of the Hemp Plant. The Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance is working closely with Small, Medium and large sized Companies, as well Government & Global Fortune 500 buyers to purchase the following Hemp Products:

  • Flower CBD Oil

  • Grain

  • Grain Oil

  • Protein Powder

  • Baking Flour

  • Inner Stalk Fibres

  • Outer Stalk Fibres

  • Leafs

  • Roots


Our Mission

The Mission for the Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance is to Create Agriculture Growth In Canada by Creating Canada’s Largest Hemp Farmers Co-operative. The Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance will be securing The Globes largest hemp Supplier contracts within Food, Beverage, Natural Health Products, Skin Care, Automobile parts, Animal Foods, Bio Diesel, Bio Ethanol, Bio Energy, Soil Remediation & Building material industries which will provide incentivized opportunities for Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance Members so they see large profits for all parts of the plant which will lead to Annual Agricultural Growth. The Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance is Currently working towards being apart of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that hemp can tackle 10 of the 17 United Nations Goals and we intend to be a Key resource on providing a Greener & Healthier future for our Current and Future Generations to Come!


Services of the CHFA to the CHFA members:

  • Negotiate profitable end contracts

  • Supply hemp seed + clone genetics

  • Supply Volunteer Agronomist students

  • Processing design layout

  • Sourcing processing equipment

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Good Agricultural Practice

  • Tilling soil service

  • Seed planting service

  • Cloning planting service

  • Harvesting service

  • Standard Cultivation applications

  • Standard processing applications

  • Micro Cultivation applications

  • Micro Processing applications

  • Nursery applications

  • Hemp applications

  • Cannabis Retailer application

  • Flower Processing

  • Grain Processing

  • Fibre Processing

  • Storage

  • 2nd Testing

  • Retail Packaging

  • Labelling

  • Exportation

  • Transportation of Harvested product

  • Host CHFA workshops/Conferences

  • Job Creation

This allows the CHFA members to focus on:

  • Purchasing seed or clone genetics from CHFA

  • Sowing seed or clones

  • Pest/bird management

  • 1st Testing

  • Harvesting

  • Quality

  • Consistency

  • Bulk Drying

  • Wholesale Packaging

  • Storage

  • Attending CHFA workshops/conferences

  • job Creation